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Thursday, February 04, 2016

Railways to install sensors near bridges to prevent mishaps

The Indian Railways has said that ahead of monsoon, it will install solar-powered sensors near bridges to monitor the rising water level during the rainy season to prevent any mishap as railway tracks often get submerged due to the overflowing of floodwater affecting train operations during monsoon season. Commenting on the issue, a Senior Railway Official told the media, "Submerging of tracks also causes disruption of train services. At times overflowing of river washed away tracks causing derailment." “If the nearby station authorities get caution messages then preventive steps can be taken before-hand,” the official added. According to the system, the radar will sense water levels at regular intervals and send information to the electronic unit which in turn will send it to the central server here from where it will sent to local servers at stations adjacent to bridge. As per reports, the system is operational in Trichy and it has been found to be very effective in sending messages on water level.