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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Offtopic - India Twenty20 Cup Matches

Sun 16
1.30PM IST 13th Match, Group E - India v New Zealand
New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg

Wed 19
9.30 PM IST 21st Match, Group E - England v India
Kingsmead, Durban

Thu 20
9.30 PM IST 24th Match, Group E - South Africa v India
Kingsmead, Durban

Gandhi, Poverty, Taj Mahal, India

When they think of India they think of Gandhi and Taj Mahal, but when they think of Pakistan they think of nuclear, poverty and cricket, the people across the world said in a survey conducted by BBC.

In the survey conducted on the socio-economic perception on India and Pakistan after 60 years of independence from the British rule, the BBC found that the world also associated both countries with poverty.

In Pakistan's case, the respondents also associated it with the nuclear power.

The survey, conducted in collaboration with international research company Synovate across 20 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia Pacific and Australia, questioned 12,670 respondents about their perceptions of India and Pakistan.

"It was conducted to coincide with the celebration surrounding India and Pakistan's 60th year of independence from Britain," the BBC said.

Interestingly, where French, Spaniards, Italians and Danes thought India topped in poverty on the planet, their Eastern counterparts Singaporeans, Japanese and Hong Kong nationals thought India to be a modern nation, high on development and technology.

Power Grid investors may make a killing

Retail and high net worth individuals (HNI), who had invested in the initial public offering of Power Grid Corporation of India (PGCIL), are expected to make a killing on the listing day, if the grey market premium on the stock is any indication. Brokers, who trade in the grey market, said bids of Rs 70-72 per share were doing the rounds late Friday compared with the issue price of Rs 52 per share.

The price band of the IPO was Rs 44-52 per share, and the company finalised the issue price at the upper end of the band on Friday. A Mumbai-based broker who tracks grey market prices of IPOs told ET that a high net worth investor who had borrowed money to invest in the IPO would have incurred a financing cost of roughly Rs 10 per share.

This number has been arrived at after taking into account the prevailing rate of interest for IPO financing (usually between 13% and 15%) and the number of times the non-institutional portion of the issue has been oversubscribed.
If the stock manages to hold on to its grey market premium till the listing day, investors stand to nearly double their money.

However, the premiums could change for the better or the worse by the time the stock is listed. For retail investors, the margin of profit could be much more due to lower cost of financing. The retail portion of the issue has been subscribed seven times.

Analysts attribute the overwhelming response to the PGCIL offer to its reasonable pricing. Most brokerages had recommended clients to subscribe to the issue and underscored factors like high revenue visibility, significant ramp up in transmission capacity, among others. PGCIL has received subscription of Rs 1,90,000 crore, a slice of which came from provident and retirement funds.

Investors who rarely put money into equity. Power Grid handles the transmission of as much as 45% of the power generated in India, making it the largest player in the sector.

Indowind Energy - Crazy Trades

14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,AMBIT SECURITIES BROKING PVT. LTD.,BUY,687648,92.86,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,ASHOK DEORAH,BUY,375105,92.92,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,ASHWIN STOCK & INVST.P.LTD.,BUY,456210,87.01,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,ASSET ALLIANCE SECURITIES PVT. LTD.,BUY,772337,78.11,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,AUM SECURITIES PRIVATE LTD,BUY,574638,90.27,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,B K SHAH AND CO,BUY,286865,90.59,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,DINDAYAL BIYANI STOCK BROKERS LTD.,BUY,681000,91.24,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,GHALLA BHANSALI STOCK BROKERS PVT. LTD.,BUY,811918,100.16,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,HARBUX SINGH SIDHU,BUY,716890,90.92,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,JIGNESH TALAKSHI GALA (HUF),BUY,472495,103.06,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,KAUSHIK SHAH SHARES & SECURITIES PVT LTD,BUY,747731,101.32,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,M/S JIYA INVESTMENTS,BUY,278868,106.24,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,MAHENDRA P RATHOD,BUY,373316,67.51,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,MANIPUT INVESTMENTS PVT LTD,BUY,316690,97.49,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,NAMAN SECURITIES & FINANCE PVT LTD,BUY,249608,100.06,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,P R B SECURITIES PRIVATE LTD,BUY,943516,87.50,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,PRASHANT JAYANTILAL PATEL,BUY,1661803,97.04,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,RAMAKANT R CHOKHANI,BUY,449912,81.30,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,SANDEEP SATISHKUMAR SABOO,BUY,1178856,73.93,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,TEJPAL S SHAH,BUY,434957,89.32,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,TRANSGLOBAL SECURITIES LTD.,BUY,704776,98.41,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,VAIBHAV DOSHI,BUY,372862,85.37,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,VIJAY Y NANVARE,BUY,487909,82.57,-

14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,AMBIT SECURITIES BROKING PVT. LTD.,SELL,687648,93.04,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,ASHOK DEORAH,SELL,375105,93.98,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,ASHWIN STOCK & INVST.P.LTD.,SELL,456210,89.22,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,ASSET ALLIANCE SECURITIES PVT. LTD.,SELL,772337,78.57,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,AUM SECURITIES PRIVATE LTD,SELL,574638,92.58,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,B K SHAH AND CO,SELL,286865,91.96,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,DINDAYAL BIYANI STOCK BROKERS LTD.,SELL,680990,91.86,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,GHALLA BHANSALI STOCK BROKERS PVT. LTD.,SELL,811917,100.63,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,HARBUX SINGH SIDHU,SELL,716890,91.35,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,JIGNESH TALAKSHI GALA (HUF),SELL,472495,103.30,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,KAUSHIK SHAH SHARES & SECURITIES PVT LTD,SELL,746731,101.64,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,M/S JIYA INVESTMENTS,SELL,278868,106.45,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,MAHENDRA P RATHOD,SELL,373316,73.56,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,MANIPUT INVESTMENTS PVT LTD,SELL,316690,97.55,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,NAMAN SECURITIES & FINANCE PVT LTD,SELL,238606,100.97,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,P R B SECURITIES PRIVATE LTD,SELL,943516,88.78,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,PRASHANT JAYANTILAL PATEL,SELL,1661803,97.90,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,RAMAKANT R CHOKHANI,SELL,449912,81.65,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,SANDEEP SATISHKUMAR SABOO,SELL,1159351,81.75,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,TEJPAL S SHAH,SELL,434957,90.26,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,TRANSGLOBAL SECURITIES LTD.,SELL,699776,99.02,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,VAIBHAV DOSHI,SELL,372862,85.25,-
14-SEP-2007,INDOWIND,Indowind Energy Limited,VIJAY Y NANVARE,SELL,469385,89.05,-

Kalaignar TV starts

The DMK leadership backed Kalaignar TV, a Tamil satellite channel, began beaming its programmes from Saturday, the 99th birth anniversary of DMK founder late C N Annadurai and also 'Ganesh Chaturthi' day.

DMK patriarch and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi, the brain behind the channel named 'Kalaignar,' as he is fondly called by his followers, in a message, said everybody was saying that all projects inaugurated by him had become a runaway success.

"But the promoters of some projects, which have become a huge success, have distanced themselves from me,' he said in an obvious reference to the Maran brothers, whose SUN-TV has become a household name in the state. The brothers had distanced themselves from the DMK due to problems between the families of Karunanidhi and the late Murasoli Maran.

In a bid to attract viewers, the channel had signed up leading film personalities like K Balachander, Bharathiraja, Kushboo and A V M Saravanan to provide programme content.

In another bid to outshine the SUN-TV newscast, the channel has drawn newspersons from the SUN group and timed its newscast half an hour ahead of SUN.

It has also got the telecast rights of the latest Tamil films like 'Mozhi', a small budget but runaway success, the high cost Rajinikant starrer 'Sivaji' and another huge hit 'Imsaiarasan'.

The inaugural day feast for viewers was telecast of 'Mozhi' and 'Imsaiarasan'.

Forthcoming IPOs

CompanyIssue TypeOffer PriceIssue SizeTotal Equity
Aavishkar Software LtdPublic Issue55.510.05
Aditya Internet Services LtdPublic Issue106.2610.16
Ador Technologies LtdPublic Issue1004.75
Afcons Infrastructure LtdBook Building0087.46
Ahluwalia Contracts (India) LtdBook Building000
Aishwarya Telecom LtdBook Building0010.66
Akshay Software Technologies LtdPublic Issue4012.86.3
Alkali Metals LtdBook Building0010.79
AML Steel LtdBook Building000
Ampersand Software Applications LtdPublic Issue175-20005.54
AMR Softech LtdPublic Issue1025
Applitech Solution LtdBook Building0016.6
Aries Agro LtdBook Building0013
Arrow Cables LtdBook Building0015.48
ARS Systems & Communications LtdPublic Issue508.05
Asiatic Colour Chem Industries LtdBook Building0010.11
Associated Infotech LtdPublic Issue3016.210.74
ATMT Software LtdBook Building0011
Averina International ResortsPublic Issue616.810.98
Aviva Industries LtdPublic Issue202815.5
Ban Labs LtdPublic Issue1515.7719.8
Bang Overseas LtdBook Building0013.56
Barak Valley Cements LtdBook Building0022.16
BGR Energy Systems LimitedBook Building0072
Bharat Hotels LtdBook Building0083.89
Bharati Mobitel LtdPublic Issue56.610.89
Binary Semantics LtdPublic Issue005.62
Biogen Biotechnologies LtdBook Building02.9210.2
Boston Education and Software Tech. LtdBook Building006.23
Brahamputra Consortium LtdBook Building0016.2
Brahma Interactive LtdPublic Issue2713.510.01
Brows Computer and Software LtdPublic Issue57.210.69
Burnpur Cement LtdBook Building10-1231.8342.99
Carbon Communications & Visuals LtdBook Building05.1210.5
Chakkilam Infotech LtdBook Building04.1911.34
Channel Guide India LtdPublic Issue1.255.910
Chemcel Biotech LtdPublic Issue1018.3525
Circuit Systems (India) LtdPublic Issue3514.8612
Clarixxon Technologies LtdBook Building0310.75
Consolidated Construction Consortium LtdBook Building460-510170.236.96
Cords Cable Industries LtdBook Building0011.43
Creative Infosystems LtdPublic Issue01.370
Cybertel Software LtdPublic Issue52.345.13
Datamatics Technologies LtdBook Building0016.92
Deldot Systems LtdPublic Issue4013.416.7
Dwarikesh Sugar Industries LtdOffer for sale3511.910.08
Eclat Infoway LtdPublic Issue105.210.25
Edelweiss Capital LtdBook Building000
Eider e-Commerce LtdPublic Issue42.5163.232
Emmbros Autocomp LtdBook Building40-4820.810.7
Empee Distilleries LtdBook Building0019
Eskay K`n'IT(India) LtdPublic Issue1075148.08
Essel Shyam Communication LtdBook Building0019.8
Excel Infotech LtdBook Building0011.5
Excel Prosoft LtdPublic Issue101.885
Future Communications LtdPublic Issue1017.711.93
Future Software LtdBook Building0012.5
Gammon Infrastructure Projects LtdBook Building00159.22
Gateway Tele-Soft LtdPublic Issue10910.06
Global Infonet Technologies LtdBook Building000
Globus Spirits LtdBook Building000
Godrej Sara Lee LtdBook Building0010.22
Growth Compusoft Exports LtdPublic Issue307.55
GSS America Infotech LtdBook Building0013.3
Gurukul Technologies LtdPublic Issue2.557.43
HAL Offshore LtdBook Building0011.91
Hitech Comvision LtdPublic Issue55.110
ICSS Informatics LtdPublic Issue256.445.15
Imap Technologies LtdPublic Issue51.86.55
Ind Synergy LtdBook Building0051.04
India Images Entertainment & Software LtdPublic Issue0112
Indo Asia Leisure Services LtdBook Building0017.57
Indo French Laboratories LtdPublic Issue2.5410
Information Network Services LtdPublic Issue52.57.23
Intop Software Solutions LtdBook Building02.264.44
IOL Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals LtdBook Building000
Ismit Medical Technologies LtdPublic Issue537.96
ITM Global LtdPublic Issue52.6510.45
Janki Corp LtdBook Building000
Jas Toll Road Company LtdBook Building0075.97
Jenson & Nicholson (India) LtdBook Building009.12
Jyothy Laboratories LtdBook Building007.26
Kafin Consulting And Holdings LtdBook Building0020.79
Kamayani Patient Care (India) LtdPublic Issue1919.5719.7
Kaushalya Infrastructure Development Corpn LtdBook Building0019.61
Ken Software Technologies LtdPublic Issue3.755.47.45
Khadim India LtdBook Building0017.64
Kiri Dyes & Chemicals LtdBook Building0015
Kolte Patil Developers LtdBook Building0075.25
Koutons Retail India LtdBook Building370-415130.430.55
Lemuria Technologies LtdPublic Issue52.946.07
Lumax Automotive Systems LtdBook Building0010.8
Lunkad Media and Entertainment LtdPublic Issue13.510.5
M S Khurana Engineering LtdBook Building0015.28
Maanya Biotech LtdPublic Issue2.5510
Magic Touch Infotech LtdPublic Issue2.52.5410.14 LtdPublic Issue0010.75
Malos Software Solutions LtdBook Building01.280
Malwa Industries LtdBook Building0055.24
Man Infraconstruction LtdBook Building0032.25
Manaksia LtdBook Building0013.91
Manga Capsules LtdPublic Issue3032.8517.1
Manipal Media Network LtdBook Building007.48
Manjushree Extrusions LtdPublic Issue000
Manush Distributers LtdPublic Issue2.52.15.1
Maytas Infra LtdBook Building0058.85
MBL Infrastructures LtdBook Building0017.06
Microcity(India) LtdPublic Issue2.55.611.6
Microcon International LtdPublic Issue301510
Midvalley Entertainment LtdBook Building0034.65
MSK Projects (India) LtdPublic Issue10.55.0410.11
MSPL LtdBook Building0038.4
Multi Commodity Exchange of India LtdBook Building0040.36
Mundra Port & Special Economic Zone LtdBook Building00400.68
National Hydroelectric Power Corp LtdBook Building000
Nectar Biotech LtdPublic Issue10513.71
Net 4 India LtdPublic Issue204.140
Netlogic Technologies LtdPublic Issue52.510
Newgen Software TechnologiesPublic Issue105-12518.8111.47
Newline Communications Systems LtdBook Building0015
Next Gen Publishing LtdBook Building0012
Nihar Infoway LtdBook Building006.6
Nimbus Communications LtdBook Building0120.20
Niraj Cement Structurals LtdBook Building0010.34
Odyssey India LtdBook Building0010.13
Oswal Woollen Mills LtdBook Building000
Parabolic Drugs LtdBook Building0010.55
Paras Pharmaceuticals LtdBook Building0010.27
PMC Soft LtdPublic Issue10013.2
Porwal Auto Components LtdBook Building0015.1
Precision Pipes & Profiles Company LtdBook Building000
Proalgen Biotech LtdPublic Issue10013.49
Quantum Build-Tech LtdPublic Issue101.656.6
Radiant Software LtdPublic Issue7522.055.85
Raj Securities LtdPublic Issue2.51.255
Rajpurohit GMP India LtdPublic Issue56.217.27
Ramsarup Industries LtdPublic Issue6017.1417.5
Ramsarup Lohh Udyog LtdBook Building0068.94
Rathi Bars LtdPublic Issue352516.33
Religare Enterprises LtdBook Building0075.76
Renaissance Jewellery LtdBook Building0021.02
Rider Software LtdPublic Issue3064
RNS Infrastructure LtdBook Building0084.66
Rural Electrification Corporation LtdBook Building00858.66
SAAG RR Infra LtdPublic Issue000
Saamya Biotech (India) LtdPublic Issue101523.08
Sameera Infotainment LtdPublic Issue52.510
San Media LtdPublic Issue52.510.05
Sarju International LtdBook Building0019.53
Shaily Engineering Plastics LtdPublic Issue000 (India) LtdPublic Issue2.5410
Shirt Company (India) LtdBook Building0010
Shri Balkishan Agarwal Glass Industries LtdPublic Issue7040.0111.51
Singhal Credit Management LtdPublic Issue2.52.55
Sita Shree Food Products LtdBook Building031.50
Skynet Web TV LtdPublic Issue12.52010
Somi Conveyor Beltings LtdPublic Issue021.80
Sovika Infotek LtdBook Building013.50
Spalee Systems LtdPublic Issue52.098.16
Special Blasts LtdPublic Issue2.5010.1
SPS Steels Rolling Mills LtdPublic Issue2.53.79.6
SRS Entertainment LtdBook Building0049.9
St. Angelo's Computers LtdBook Building000
Steel City Securities LtdBook Building60-6536.7118.5
Stesalit LtdPublic Issue5017.510.95
Sunstar Overseas LtdBook Building0016.02
Superprecise Medisys & Softech LtdBook Building02.625.2
Supreme Infrastructure India LtdBook Building95-10833.0113.88
SVEC Construction LtdBook Building0015.92
SVP Industries LtdBook Building85-1003813.09
SVPCL LtdBook Building000
Synectics Consultants LtdBook Building05.912.7
Synergies Castings LtdBook Building30-3615.3318
Tecpro Systems LtdBook Building0032.7
Terranova Technologies LtdBook Building000
Thirdware Solutions ltdBook Building005.3
Titagarh Wagons LtdBook Building0016.58
Todays Writing Products LtdBook Building70-843517.81
Tulsi Extrusions LtdBook Building0012.5
Uma Precision LtdBook Building0014.38
Varun Industries LtdPublic Issue605422.11
Veena Industries LtdBook Building0012.92
Visual Vistas LtdPublic Issue2.5822.13 and Industries LtdBook Building01.690
Ways India LtdBook Building089.250
Western Outdoor Media Technologies LtdPublic Issue70-8421.5312.3
Wockhardt Hospital LtdBook Building00104.28
Wondercraft Industries LtdBook Building030
Zeeram Soft LtdPublic Issue51.295.12

FII Activity

DatedPurchase (Rs Crore)Sale (Rs Crore)Investment (Rs Crore)Investment ($US mm)
14 Sep 20072458.502505.10-46.60-11.40
13 Sep 20072392.802110.90281.9069.10
12 Sep 20072370.801925.10445.60109.20
11 Sep 20071444.301507.10-62.90-15.40
10 Sep 20072435.101854.20580.90142.30
07 Sep 20072464.201841.10623.10152.60
06 Sep 20072703.002292.70410.40100.50
05 Sep 20072089.201458.80630.40156.00
04 Sep 20072514.701987.10527.70130.60
03 Sep 20073019.502342.20677.30167.60

Grey Market - Power Grid, Consolidated, Dhanus, Kouton

Power Grid Corporation 44 to 52 18.5 to 19

Dhanus Tech 280 to 295 95 to 100

Koutons Retail 370 to 415 70 to 75

Consolidated Construction 460 to 510 120 to 125

Circuit Systems (India) Ltd. 35 4 to 5

Magnum Venture 30 2 to 3

Kaveri Seeds 150 to 170 8 to 10

Macro View

Macro View

India Natural Gas

India Natural Gas

Economic Flash

Economic Flash

Aban Offshore, Hindustan Unilever, Pantaloon, Zee Entertainment

Aban Offshore, Hindustan Unilever, Pantaloon, Zee Entertainment

Balaji Telefilms

Balaji Telefilms