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Monday, May 22, 2006

Kalyug Ka Arjun Ka Joke

Karan: Arjun, Do you brush your teeth daily?

Arjun Singh: I cant say about that, as it is in parliment. PM and entire party knows this.

Karan: But, "Times of India" has said about this.

Arjun Singh: Dont go by those magazines. Go by my words. If you ask me what I would say - "I cant answer, as the issue is in parliment".

Karan: But, this will affect your teeth's health.

Arjun Singh: Yes, I know that. I have sympathy on it. You know, I am the one who first wanted the teeth to be brushed.

Karan: (Sees Arjun's mouth when he smiles) Seems 22.5% of your teeth is already broken and you are about to break another 27%.

Arjun Singh: Exactly. Thats what my aim is. My dad told me that I should be 100% in all.

Karan: All the best