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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Railways to install digital signboards to display ads

The Indian Railways has said that it will install large digital signboards across 2000 busy stations to display train-related information and commercial advertisements. As per reports, Railways will install about 100,000 networked large screens across 2000 stations connected using multi-path protected optical fibre network, with a screen in front of each train coach, in concourse, circulating area, foot over bridges, waiting rooms, lounges and every other place that makes sense to the rail users. Commenting on the issue, a senior Railway Official told the media, "We are planning carving out a new category of mass addressing by putting up large digital signboards for large viewership at the covered and uncovered platforms, open spaces in the entrance and exit areas and the long foot bridges that span across several platforms for displaying information related to train status round-the-clock using an all-India railway display network (RDN)." “The information needs of the travelling public pertaining to train arrival and departure times, expected delays, cancellations, route diversions and platform numbers of arrivals and departures of different trains will be displayed on these signboards,” he added.