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Thursday, January 28, 2016

France to manufacture 800 locos in Bihar: Reports

The French Government has said that its top company Alstom will manufacture 800 electric locomotives of horse power double than the existing ones in India, involving foreign investment of Rs 1300 crore. As per reports, two significant pacts, marking stepped up cooperation in the rail sector, were signed after talks between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President Francois Hollande. As per the agreement, the Madhepura factory will produce 800 electric locomotives with horse power of 12,000 each over a period of 11 years. The existing strength of electric locomotives is 6,000 horse power (HP). The project will involve foreign investment of Rs 1300 crore, considered to be substantial in rail sector. Alstom will be responsible for setting of the factory, manufacturing of the locomotives as well as maintenance. As per reports, Railways had decided in November to award the contract to Alstom for Madhepura electric locomotive project.